Corporate Gifts/ Custom Items

Park Avenue International is a family owned and operated factory for over 40 years. Since then, folks from all industries have reached out to us to craft custom and personalized goods including leather handbags, belts, accessories, etc.
Made entirely in New York City, USA with the finest materials, they are high quality, unique items that your teammates, guests, clients, and partners will cherish for years to come. Our craftsmen consist of artisans with years of experience and our level of quality is what allowed us to stay in business for so long.
Unlike most brands offering custom solutions, we are equipped to offer small minimums and quick turn-around times. With uncompromising attention to quality, we ensure that every item is built to last while still fitting within your budget.
Want to create some one of a kind custom goods?
Simply email,  call  (212) 564-1189 or visit us: 115 W 29th St, Suite 500 New York, NY 10001

Park Avenue Trimming custom for Boutros restaurant